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Take Control of Your Impact

All Your Good Deeds in One Place

Deduct your Tax

Tailor your Impact

Choose your Charities

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Launching 2023
App key features

Let's Do Something Special, Together

Download Socially Responsibl., sign up, select your charities, and decide how much you'd like to give. 



  • Get Onboard
  • Choose Your Charities & Donate
  • Get it Deducted from your Tax
         (Sorry John Lee, it's not personal)


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So Rewarding

As a little thank you, we set you up with some of the best deals in town;
no need to thank us!

  • Figure out what you Fancy
  • We'll help you out with a Discount
  • If you need us Again, we'll be There for you

Only the Best Charities

Socially Responsibl. only features smaller, high-impact Hong Kong charities on the platform. Impact Matters, and we make sure your donation counts! 

A Straight-forward Approach

01 - Transparency

Financial Review: 
All charities that we host on our platform post regular financial updates on their websites, this allows us (and you) to ensure the charities are maintaining their charitable commitments.

02 - Analysis

03 - Monitoring

A Close Eye: 
Once a charity is onboarded to the platform, we continue to check on their performance.
We Eschew any charity that isn't meeting its obligations to its beneficiaries, volunteers, or our users. 

Efficiency and Efficacy: 
Each charity is studied closely to evaluate cost efficiency, from fundraising to staffing and transportation. Whilst saving funds for a rainy day is essential, we also ensure that disbursement is effective to ensure every dollar goes where it's needed.

  • Honesty is the Best Policy
  • Our Charities are a Reflection of our Values
  • We take your Impact as Seriously as you do

We Help Our Friends Become More Socially Responsible Too

We have partnered with some of Hong Kong's leading companies to take their Business in the right direction

Socially Responsible Help's You Decide Where to Shop, Relax & Eat!

  • We carefully check to make sure companies are giving back to their communities
  • We help develop a program to invest in their community & accredit their impact
  • We let you know who's giving back to their communities (and maybe they'll give us a discount to pass on to you too!)
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